Whether you play team sports, are a track star or want to dominate Crossfit, we’ve got the right plan for you!

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Weekend Warriors

Tired of running out of gas and dealing with nagging injuries on the court or field? Get the coaching that fits you.

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Lifestyle Fitness

Wish you had more energy to keep up with your kids? Or are you just tired of those extra pounds? Lifestyle fitness is what you’re looking for.

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What Clients Say

At 33, Ericlee is helping me get my body fit and my nutrition in line to support it and I feel great just a few months into the process! His combination of deep fitness & nutritional knowledge along with a gift to motivate others are a perfect fit for me.
Josh Long
Ericlee's Crossfit Training hits the mark. His knowledge, encouragement and practical tips helped me see real physical progress in less than a month. If you want to increase your health and fitness level, Ericlee will help you make it happen. I highly recommend his services.
Chris Calvert